The capacities and capabilities of Khuzestan

Khuzestan province has certain characteristics that are less than provincial in the country, and this feature have contributed to the province of Khuzestan distinguished from other provinces and provides opportunities to attract investors, both domestic and foreign to capitalize on these opportunities, we can mention the following:

1- Huge oil and gas resources (first rank)

2- Steel and Steel Fitting Installations

3- The existence of different crops and industries

4- Presence of Karoon River, Karkheh, Dez, Venus, Maroon and Surgery

5- Access to free and international waters

6- Availability of infrastructure facilities

7- Neighborhood of Khuzestan with global consumption markets (Persian Gulf countries)

8- Agriculture (one third of the country's current water)

9- Date production (Khuzestan province is the largest producer of dates in the country and has a production capacity of 120,000 tons).

10- The existence of land for the production of fish and shrimp

11- Tourism and tourism industry (having works dating back more than 10 thousand years BC)

12- Free Trade Organization of Arvand (Abadan- Khoramshahr)

13- Arvand Free Zone in the Northwest of the Persian Gulf.


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