Tasks of the Investment Services Center

Tasks of the Investment Services Center

 A) Objectives of the Center before obtaining a foreign investment permit
    Acceptance of foreign investment applicants in the province and follow up of investment affairs through relevant executive agencies.
    Informing and providing necessary advice to investors regarding all affairs related to accepting and supporting foreign investment
    Performing the necessary coordination in matters related to the obtaining of licenses required by investors from the executive agencies of the province
    Receive a request from foreign investors along with other required documents and submit them to the investment organization
B) the duties of the center after obtaining the license
    Carrying out the necessary coordination in matters related to the entry and use of foreign capital in the implementation, commissioning and operation of foreign investment projects
    Follow up of administrative problems of foreign investment applicants with other executive agencies and conduct continuous visits of foreign investment projects in the province.
    Establishing coordination between devices to resolve problems and obstacles related to foreign investment and reflecting problems to the standard and taking advantage of the support of the governor to resolve existing problems.
(C) Tasks of the Center for Executive and Content
    Identification and collection of investment opportunities of the province in the format provided by the investment organization
    Holding workshops to familiarize economic activists, officials and experts of executive agencies of the province with the subject of foreign investment and international financing methods and related issues.
    Introduction of the province and its economic capabilities through the use of advertising and information tools


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